Recruitment automation

Can I add candidates from popular job boards to the system?

Yes you can! Select the From website tab. The system prompts you to install the PersiaHR Browser Extension to your browser. Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari. Currently, PersiaHR Extension works with the following websites:,,,,, HeadHunter and SuperJob.

PersiaHR Browser Extension

Once the extension is installed, all of these sites will show the Save to PersiaHR button. To add a candidate’s resume to your database, click on the button and the system will retrieve all the information about the candidate and store it in your PersiaHR database.

There is another option for saving candidate resumes from any job site: just copy the resume text from the website or social network and paste it in the text input field on the From website page. Then click Upload resume and the system will parse the text you submitted and create a candidate profile based on it.

Save resume

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