Recruitment automation

I want to add candidates to my PersiaHR account. How to do it?

In the page header, click the New Candidate button which will lead you to the Add Candidate page.

New candidate

There are four ways to add candidates to the system:

Option #1. Upload resume from a file (acceptable file formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .odt, .txt). This way works best if you want to add candidate resumes from your device.
Option #2. Add resume by email. You just need to send an email with a resume attached to your personal address in PersiaHR. The system will detect the attached resume, extract candidate details and saves to the database.
Option #3. Add resume from job sites in one click. You can upload candidates’ resumes to your database using a special PersiaHR Browser Extension.
Option #4. Upload resumes from an archive. If you have a large set of new candidates, you can pack all their resumes in one archive (ZIP file) and bulk upload it. PersiaHR will automatically extract the files and save all candidates to your database.

Add candidate

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