Recruitment automation

How to create a job in PersiaHR?

Go to the Jobs section and click the New job button in the upper right corner. This will open the New Job screen, which you can fill in with all the necessary information.

Add job

The Job Name field is required. You can also use other fields in the sections below:

  • Basic Requirements;
  • Extra Requirements;
  • Functional Responsibilities.

There you can submit information that will be visible to the recruiter in charge and unavailable to the client. You can also specify the country and city where the position is opened.

Below, there is the Job Details block. There, you can appoint a recruiter in charge and if necessary make the job visible or invisible to the rest of the recruitment team.
Please note that these actions are only available to the account administrator.

You can also indicate priority of the job — high, medium or low, and also mark jobs, work on which is suspended.

In addition, you can specify salary brackets, deadline for closing the job and number of people that need to be hired for this position.

The Project Information field serves as a reminder for the recruiter as it is hard to remember all the details while recruiting for several open positions at the same time.

Below, in the Private Note field, you can make important notes that will be visible only to you and your team.

Recruitment Stages section.
By default, the system offers you several commonly used recruitment stages. You can manage your workflow for each job by adding, deleting or re-arranging recruitment stages as appropriate.

Job Description for Publishing section.
Here, you can create a position description that will be published on job sites. From PersiaHR you can post jobs to these resources:, Talent.UA, HeadHunter, SuperJob and Jobs in Kharkov.

Once you have entered all the necessary information, click the Save button and the new job will appear in your open job list.


Job profile

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