Recruitment automation

What user roles are there in the system? Is it possible to change the role for a user?

There are three main types of users in PersiaHR:

  • The administrator is the owner of the account and the candidate database and has the right to add, edit and delete any information, add new users.
  • The recruiter can view and edit all the information, but cannot delete jobs and candidates added by other users. They also cannot add other users.
  • The freelance recruiter has access to your company’s candidates database, add new candidates, create jobs or work with a job assigned to him. Freelancer does not have access to information about other current jobs and statistics of other recruiters. He also can’t edit or delete resumes that have been added by other users. cannot provide access to the system to other users.

! Please note: if necessary, for a freelance recruiter, you can restrict access to the full resume database — he will see only those candidates that he has added.

The administrator can change any user’s role at any time in the Edit User page.

Types of users

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